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The source of the design comes from the imagery and the ethnic Patagonian daily life. The jewels are worked with ethnic regional icons. These icons are abstractions of elements rescued directly from some ethnic topic and are materialized into two types of Jewels: serial and exclusive

Serial Jewels:

It is worked with a process called “casting in lost wax”. It allows manufacturing pieces in series with a capacity of up to 20 pieces.

Exclusive jewels:

It is a hand work that is based on the artistic, where I express all my creativity and abstraction.

The piece of silverwork is unique, it is not replicated unless a customer ask for it, but it never turns out the same.

I work with silver and natural stones of different origin and value, which are melted and combined in such a way as to “give birth” to numerous designs, which reflect my vision of the ethnic elements. It can be found in my work, precious stones such as Rubies, diamonds or Emeralds; semi-precious stones such as Amethysts, Topazes and Garnets; ornamental stones such as Lapis lazuli, Turquoise and other white stones (Coral, Jasper, serpentine, among others), which are used specially in the technique called Stone Mosaic, which can be seen in many of the works. Also, other organic materials such as mother-of-pearl and wood are used.

The presentation of the Jewels is important and for them several designs of packages were created. The diversity of the packages allows the shop to have a certain variety when selling the jewelry. It also depends on the kind of customer who buys the jewel, for instance black boxes are more formal, whereas the yellow ones transmit major dynamism. Inside, the product carries a label with a brief explanation of the subject in two languages, with the purpose of internalizing the customer with the jewel and to know a bit about its history.